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1-Select the "Instant Quote" menu from our website's Home Page.
2-Fill in Your Company, Contact Person, Phone Number and Email address.
3-Select the type of PCBs, whether you need Single Sided or Double Sided from the "Product List" Tab.
4-For Double Sided, if you need copper running through your Holes between top to bottom (PTH), select the First option, Other wise select the second.
5-In Single Layered PCB, S/G/F stands for Glass Fibre material which is the best for Single Sided. Rest of the material goes less in quality starting from A/B to D/B.
6-Click "Next" Button, A New Page appears on the screen. Fill in the quantity you need.
7-Fill in the name of your PCB in "Part No." space.
8-If the same job has been made earlier through us, please check the "Repeat Job" and write the Elite's reference number for your job in the box given just opposite to it. This reference number is always printed on your PCB's. which are made by us in the format for instance 005429.999.
9-Next option is of "Size" in which you can give the size of your PCB either in inches or mm ( 1 inch ~ 25.4mm )
10-After this you will fill in the thickness of your PCB. The Standard is 1.6mm, However you may have 2mm, 1.4mm, 1.2mm and other thicknesses subjected to availability. If other than 1.6mm, please select the "other" option below "1.6mm" and write the thickness you need in the space given ahead.
11-Then select the thickness of copper you need on your PCB. Select 18µm, 35µm or 70µm depending on the type and application of your PCB.
12-The Next option "Routing" includes the shape cutting and inner cuttings of your PCB. Fill it accordingly or leave it blank if no routing.
13-Just ahead of it is "Carbon" check box. Please check the box if carbon is needed at your PCB. (Peelable Solder Mask can be easily peeled off from your connections when needed).
14-The fingers of your PCB (male part) can be platted with gold. Please select the number of male parts per PCB.
15-If you have placed two or more same or different PCB's together to be separated after manufacturing, Please select the number of cuts. The cuts will be of same number as the number of PCBs you have placed together.
16-If you have placed two or more same or different PCBs together to be separated after manufacturing, please select the number of cuts. The Cuts will be of same number as the numbers of PCB you have placed together.
17-The "Density" should be selected according to the clearance of Pad to Pad, Pad to track, track to track, pads inners and outers and width of track of your PCB. If it is according to our Standards, check "STD" option or check "High" option if vice versa.
18-In Surface Finish you can select HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling) for normal PCB or AGF (All Gold Finish) for SMD's and it is more resistive to oxidation and corrosion.
19-If there is something special you need to write, please use the remarks column.
20-Select the Currency in which you need the rates. You can have your rates in Pakistani Rupees for Local Purchase, United States Dollars, British Sterling Pound and Euopean Euro for Export/ Out of Pakistan Only.
21-Click the result button to get rates of your PCB. These are rates per PCB including 15% sales tax for Local Purchase within Pakistan or other currencies for export terms.
22-For Double Sided PCB, delievery is free all over Pakistan, Where as for Single Sided jobs Courier Charges will be included in the final invoice at the time of job delivery.
23-Please read all the Terms and Conditions carefully, if you agree please check the agreement box and click "Submit" button. The quotation will be automatically delivered to your provided email address.
24-Now you are required to send us your data along with your E-Quote number and date either by post, electronically or personaly for new job and for repeat jobs follow our standard terms.
25-We will have a short look at your data to verify its accordance with the particulars you provided in your E-quote.
26-We will contact you to confirm or adjust your E-Quote's rates and will wait for your relevant approval according to our terms.
27-Your job time will Start from the time we receive 75% advance payment after above mentioned Procedure.
28-You are Welcome to Contact us through Email, Call or Visit. Please be informed that all public holidays and the second Saturday of each month is our Company's Holiday.
29-You Can see or download our Price List with our terms and Conditions by Clicking on the rate List button.
30-If you need any further assistance, Please contact us without any hesitation through email(info@elite-pcb.com), Phone call (0214612690, 0214622458) or visit our office ( C-21-22 AEECHS Block-9, Gulistan-e-Johar, Near Dubai House, Karachi, Pakistan ).

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